Kritin Technology is a Technology Consulting, Software Outsourcing and Product Development Company.

At Kritin Technology Testing services we offer end to end testing solution for our clients. With increasing demand for specialized testing, we extend our testing serviced in stream of Security, Performance, SOA, Cloud Computing, Agile. Our solutions are suited for projects which are developed in reduced time frame with low cost. We provide efficient testing solutions with high degree of reusability.

Apart from that, our company gives you a testing frame work which are built in house keeping in track with today’s dynamic environment. Our specialization includes setting up of Testing COE in IT and non IT companies. While setting up COE we make sure that performance and efficiency are met at every level of testing.


Functional testing is a way to ensure that the applications work as expected by the user. Functional tests are developed so as to capture the user requirements, provide both users and developer’s a confidence that the business processes will meet those requirements and enable QA teams to verify that the software is ready for release. Functional tests are written from the end user’s and business-process perspective.


The pressure on today’s IT organizations is increasing everyday. Management is expecting IT to deliver new capabilities, unlock new business opportunities and deliver competitive advantages through software. This means the addition of many more business application development projects with tighter deadlines—but not always with more budget or incremental resources.

At the same time, management is becoming increasingly aware of the critical links between software and revenue. Web services, online transaction processing (OLTP) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications are mission-critical and are directly tied to the company’s ability to generate revenue.

Today’s enterprises rely on very complex computing infrastructures. A typical organization may depend on multiple applications that were built to work on different operating systems, utilize several different front-end clients, involve numerous business processes, and interact with many separate data sets. Testing all possible permutations of these components creates a highly complex testing situation with hundreds or thousands of testing scenarios.

If software fails, the loss is really high like reduction is sales, unproductive employees, unhappy customers and demoralized development and QA team. The defects are more expensive if found late in the development cycle. A defect identified in a production environment can be 100 times more expensive to fix than the same defect identified earlier in the design phase. Automation is the key to improving the speed, accuracy, and flexibility of the software testing process, enabling companies to find and fix more defects at an early stage.

Performance Engineering

At Kritin Tech we offer end to end Performance Engineering. We not only perform Performance Testing but we offer Performance Engineering which consists of Performance Testing, Database configuration and optimization, Server Monitoring, Tuning and Capacity Planning. Our performance Engineering offer state of art solution by identifying bottlenecks, which arise because of change in Hardware and/or Software. Performance issues are difficult to recognize at the early stage of development life cycle. Performance issues prove very costly for end revenues. We understand business needs and provide solution for Production environment. With the help of advance testing and troubleshooting methodology and automation tools and we can get apps moving in right pace As a part of complete Performance Engineering, we not only identify bottlenecks but also provide tuning and Capacity Planning by considering the future load on application.

  • Performance Engineering
  • Performance Testing
  • Database confugration and Optimization
  • Server Monitoring, Tuning and Capacity Planning

SOA Testing

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is the technical enabler for the business of today - to efficiently collaborate with other businesses/divisions and react quickly to the ever-changing market conditions at a reduced cost.

Kritin Technology offer both onshore and offshore SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) services that can help you with your Quality Assurance and Test Improvement initiatives to Test Professionals that can manage and plan, design and execute SOA testing activities throughout the project life cycle. Kritin Offer Full end-to-end SOA testing of both web interfaces and services over multiple protocols.

Kritin experienced SOA Team can assist you with all aspects of your SOA Solution.

  • SOA Consulting & Services
  • SOA / Systems Integration
  • SOA Application Management
  • SOA Compliance, Testing
  • SOA Security Testing
  • SOA Web Service Testing
  • SOA Performance & Scalability
  • SOA Test Management and Planning
  • SOA Test Architecture and Design