Kritin Technology is a Technology Consulting, Software Outsourcing and Product Development Company.

First impression is the last impression; this famous old saying proves true when it comes to E-Commerce application. A buyer and seller who visit first time an e-commerce website never returns back if he is not satisfied at first place. In today’s cut throat competitive market client cannot take chance with e-commerce portal that he is planning to start.


Here at Kritin Technology we design and develop e-commerce portal using latest tools and technologies blend with our innovative skills in the area of e-commerce. This unique combination provides edge to our client in the e-commerce market which is crowed but at the same time has huge potentials for growth


Emergences of big player in field of online shopping have changed the dynamics of retails and whole sale market in India. Now this field is no longer is isolated from global player and other states players. As a result it created lot of opportunity and at the same time challenges for the existing players. Retailer can’t survive in market just following the traditional way of doing business.

Existing player can only survive the compilation by adopting the technology. It is not very easy to move from traditional method of business to technology based business. To perform in current market scenario retailer should have presence on E-commerce and more advanced M-commerce.  To make your presence visible on web, presence on social media is very much need of hour.

Those who changes as the dynamic of market changes can survive and take the advantage of market. After emergence of E-commerce this business is no longer a local business. We are living in the era of global connectivity where one can purchase or sell products globally.